It's Better to Travel than Arrive?

"To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive"

Robert Louis Stevenson, Virginibus Puerisque, 1881.

"Robert Louis Stevenson speaks utter tosh and has

obviously never flown long haul economy class"

Kristy, first ever blog post, 2011.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where Am I?

I'm in my favourite airport, which one is it?

And, yes, it really does have a pool in the airport and anyone can use it.  Pack your bikini in your hand luggage!


  1. Singapore??

    What about the feet eating fish??

  2. Great job, Anonymous! Didn't do the feet eating fish in Terminal 3 this time, but I've been twice before. Am going to work on a series of posts about Changi Airport - anything you particularly like there?

    Thanks for commenting and have a great day!

    1. Sorry, the fish are in Terminal 1, near the pool, not in Terminal 3, where I was last night. Jet lag ...

  3. I know! I know!! I KNOW!!! Ok, I only know cuz you told me. I can't wait for the series on the airport....we had great massages there and acupuncture. I also bought makeup for certainly less than it costs here in AU!!! FUN post!
    Dressology HQ

    1. I know! It's definitely the place to buy your MAC makeup - will be covering that in the series.


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