It's Better to Travel than Arrive?

"To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive"

Robert Louis Stevenson, Virginibus Puerisque, 1881.

"Robert Louis Stevenson speaks utter tosh and has

obviously never flown long haul economy class"

Kristy, first ever blog post, 2011.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Instagram : Akademie Street Guest House

Further to my blog review last week, here's my Instagram shots of the gorgeous Akademie Street Guest House - check out that breakfast fruit platter!

The first course at breakfast ...

Keep your eyes open, there are lovely little things everywhere.  I found a guy making these birds just off the main street and managed to get two home with me, without them being squashed in my luggage.

There were some fresh Pomegranate seeds on our breakfast platters.
These lovely ripe ones were hanging over our pool.

Dutch doors lead you inside to the library, which is jam packed with lovely books and magazines.

Anna, the owners dog, enjoying some sun in between belly rubs from guests.

I wonder what was behind these shaded shutters ...


  1. Two thoughts: your little birdies are adorable! And, I thought libraries gave you the willies? Germs and whatnot?

    1. Very true regarding my issues with germs and library books, but I've had to change my way of thinking now I live in a land that doesn't have English language books. Or, if they have them, they don't have many and they're really expensive. I'm in a book swapping club now, just to get my hands on English books!


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