It's Better to Travel than Arrive?

"To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive"

Robert Louis Stevenson, Virginibus Puerisque, 1881.

"Robert Louis Stevenson speaks utter tosh and has

obviously never flown long haul economy class"

Kristy, first ever blog post, 2011.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hero Product : Mac Moisture Tint

I know this won't interest the boys, but when I find a fab new make-up product, I do like to spread the word.  I use a few Mac products (love their range of matte lipsticks!) and I've been using Mac Studio Moisture Tint for the last month or so.  I like to give a new product a fair try before I tell people about it, just in case the initial effects are not long-lasting.  I'm pleased to say that Mac Studio Moisture Tint is fabulous.

It's a tinted moisturiser/foundation mix that I love.  I have very oily skin and was using the Olay Tinted Moisturiser, but I found that my face was getting so ridiculously oily that I was blotting it several times a day, and even then I looked like I was glowing.

I looked around at a few things, then read a review on the Studio Moisture Tint and decided to buy a tube when I was last in London (surprisingly, they don't sell Mac in Rado!).  It was about 20 quid, but it's MUCH more expensive here in Australia (like everything else - don't get me started!), so I'm going to try to get some in Singapore Airport on the way home (FYI, Mac have a dedicated store in Changi Airport, terminal 2).

Anyway, it gives great coverage, even to my red cheeks and nose.  I don't have to use concealer at all most days, and only put some on at night if I'm going out.  My shade is Medium Dark.  It's just a great one stop product.  I was advised to use moisturiser under it, but I don't, and I don't think it needs it.  My face still gets a little greasy towards the end of the day, but that's not really a problem.

Travel Tip - the tube is small enough to fit into your little clear ziploc for carry-on luggage.  Yippee!

If you're looking for a new tinted moisturiser, give Mac Studio Moisture Tint a go - and let me know what you think!

(Oh, and just in case you're wondering,
Mac don't even know I exist, I just love this product.)

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  1. I load up on mac stuff when i travel back home. i just kick myself everytime i buy it overseas. i love the disclaimer at the end. haha


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