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Friday, September 30, 2011

Restaurant Review : Bistro 25, Hahndorf, South Australia

Mum & Dad took me to Bistro 25 in Hahndorf's main street for dinner last night, my last night with them before they hand me over to the care of Sars & JD and head off on their week long river ramble with their friends on their vastly reworked boat, "Seas the Day".

We had been to Bistro 25 before, in December of last year, when hubby and I were home (this time home means South Australia) to celebrate Christmas with my family.  It was seriously amazing then, and, if I may say, it was even better this time.

Bistro 25 is a small restaurant, maybe 10 tables, and it's run by Jeffrey & Helen (Jeffrey is the chef), ably assisted by friendly and helpful front of house staff.

The reason I want you to know it's small is that this is a serious restaurant for foodies.  It doesn't have a Michelin star, it doesn't have big name chefs and you might not have heard of it - but you must go.  Seriously, you must.

Jeffrey is obviously very passionate about his food and this food is equal to, or even better than, some meals I've had in Michelin starred restaurants around the world.  The prices are often less than other restaurants and pubs (why have a snitty in The German Arms when you can have world class food for the same price?) in the main street, though the quality and passion that goes into this food is second to none.

Last night (cold, wet, windy) it was full with happy diners while the rest of the street was deserted, and it was lucky that Dad had made a booking.  Though there were a few tables empty when we got there at 7pm, they quickly filled up with walk-ins, so I recommend you make a booking to ensure you get to experience this fab nosh.

Mum and I had two starters each, instead of a starter and a main, and Dad held out for a main only (though shared in our starters).  I had scallops wrapped in proscuitto on a mash of something I don't remember, served with a scrumptious baby Greek salad (everything was diced so small that you imagine elves must be cutting it - gorgeous).  Mum had the double cooked boneless pork ribs and, despite my scallops being amazing, her ribs were world class.  I don't know how long they'll be on the menu (I think it changes pretty regularly), but if you see them when you visit, order them, you won't be disappointed.  Then Mum had my scallops for her second starter, and I had the honey roast pumpkin salad with warm baby chevre, caramelised onions and candied walnuts - swoon. 

Whilst we were having our second starter, Dad had the fillet of beef and there was nothing left on his plate when he finished!  Then we had a selection of desserts, including the ginger and wasabi fragranced panna cotta (weird but scrumptious) and the licorice and all sorts, which combined a generous scoop of licorice icecream (my favourite flavour in the world - don't judge!) and wedges of biscuitty slice - bliss.

They have a good wine list, and do many by the glass, as well as local Lobethal beers. 

As Molly Meldrum used to say "Do yourself a favour", and get in there.  Support a team of people that are passionate about perfect food and are flying in the face of the big names.  You won't regret it!

Now, they don't have a webpage, but here's the contact information:-

Bistro 25
25 Main Street
Hahndorf  SA  5245
Phone:- 8388 7718 (international +61 8 8388 7718)

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