It's Better to Travel than Arrive?

"To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive"

Robert Louis Stevenson, Virginibus Puerisque, 1881.

"Robert Louis Stevenson speaks utter tosh and has

obviously never flown long haul economy class"

Kristy, first ever blog post, 2011.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Yay, I'm home!  "Um, but where actually are you?" is the question I can hear you asking. You see, I'm incredibly lucky to be able to call a few places home, and at the moment I'm home in Adelaide, South Australia, where I'm from and where I grew up.

My trip "home" was a bit of a spur of the moment thing when a trip to another place I used to call "home" was postponed.  We were planning a trip "home" to Michigan, USA, for the end of this month and when that fell off the radar, I decided I'd come "home" to Adelaide to surprise my dear friend Sars for her birthday instead.

So I sat at "home" in southern Germany and bought a ticket "home" to Adelaide on Sunday afternoon, then flew out on Tuesday morning.  A quick decision is a good decision!

So now I'm "home" in Adelaide, it got me thinking about where is home for me now - really home.

See, I'm from Adelaide, and lived here until I was about 35.  My fantastic husband comes from Glasgow, Scotland, so I'm lucky enough to have family and friends there now and I also call that "home".

After hubby and I met and married in Australia (well, we married in Scotland, but we met in Australia - I know, complicated), we moved to one of my favourite places on earth, Bangkok in Thailand.  We lived there for 18 months and Bangkok is a place I'll always call "home", a place that felt like "home" to me from the very first time I visited.

After living in Bangkok, we moved to Michigan, USA, which we called "home" for about another 18 months.  We're lucky enough to have very good friends there too, and whilst I don't get "home" there terribly often, I think about it frequently.  As I said above, we were hoping to get "home" to Michigan later this month, but that's not happening now - and my credit card breathes a sigh of relief.

After living in Michigan, we moved to southern Germany and that's the place we now call "home".  We've been there for nearly 3 years now, and I speak fluent "Germlish" (my squishy German/English mix) and we have good friends (and neighbours!) in our town.

So, you can see I'm lucky enough to be able to call lots of places "home", but, honestly, in my heart the only place I call home is where my fantastic husband is, and it's his birthday today and I'm not home with him.  Instead, I'm "home" in my home town with other people who love and care for me.  So, honey, I hope you're having a great birthday (even though you're spending it at work), and I'll be back home with you soon.

Now you know where I call home, where do you call home?


  1. Oooh this is a hard question. I also have several homes (though not as spread out as yours):
    - where I grew up and my mom still lives
    - where I went to university and then worked for 4 more years afterward
    - where I live now

    I have also fallen in love with Lasse's hometown but never lived there (so far).

    How long are you guys going to keep living here??? It's already been so much longer than the last few "homes"!

  2. Oh I call Adelaide home too, although I was born in Perth. I call Adelaide home because I moved there when i was 21 and met my husband there. He is also a Scotsman (from Inverness)

    We are moving to Bangkok in a couple of months so very glad to read that you liked it

    I hope you travel again soon and update your blog.

  3. Thanks Expat Wife! Sounds like our lives are running a little in tandem.

    I really hope you enjoy BKK, it's one of my favourite places on earth. If you want any tips or tricks, please let me know. We go back every year, so I've got a rough idea of what's going on.

    There is a great book to get hold of (before you go if you can) that is put out bi-annually by the ANZWG (google them, might be able to order online) and they are the Australian New Zealand Womens Group. It's a chunky book of everything you'll ever need to know about living in BKK. Great tips and tricks, info on schools, restaurants, dry cleaning - seriously, everything.

    I was an ANZWG member when I was there too, they organise stuff all the time. We don't have kids, but there is loads to do with kids and without - something nearly every day. They also do a cracking Melbourne Cup lunch - I'm still recovering from the one in 2006!

    We used Asian Tigers Transpo as our movers and they were amazing. They also do home finding (we had Pearl as our realtor) and they know their stuff - well, they did for us.

    Enjoy, and I'm serious about questions if you have any - I love the place.


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